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This course is based on the article, Green, innovative, and profitable: a case study of managerial capabilities at Interface Inc, by Tommi Lampikoski. The article describes three managerial capabilities that must be established and nurtured by companies who wish to achieve and sustain competitive advantage in rapidly changing environments through sustainable green strategies. The article examines these management capabilities with reference to the managerial capabilities of Interface Inc., a US-based company, which have enabled the company to be recognised as an industry pioneer and green innovator.

Keywords: Managerial capabilities; innovative; profitable.

Reading material:

Educational Objectives

Educational Aim:
The educational aim of this module is to enable learners to analyse the managerial capabilities that will assist companies to achieve competitive advantage through sustainable green strategies.

Educational Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module learners should:

1. Have a clear understanding of:

  • The challenges experienced in adopting sustainable green strategies;
  • The main reasons for management resistance to adopting green strategies;
  • The requirements for adopting successful green strategies that involve radical innovation; and
  • The three managerial capabilities: research, recognize and revolutionize.

2. Be able to:

  • Analyse the nature of radical innovation for achieving sustainable green strategies;
  • Determine the benefits that can be gained through radical green innovation;
  • Analyse how environmentally orientated resources and capabilities can be used to enable companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage;
  • Evaluate what is required for companies to adopt and successfully implement radical innovation-based green strategies; and
  • Analyse how the three managerial capabilities can assist companies in using sustainable green innovations for achieving competitive advantage.

Instruction for this Module

  • Read the supplied reading material and complete the quiz at the end
  • You need to pass the quiz and complete the course rating to generate the module certificate at the end
  • You have three attempts to pass the quiz
  • The pass grade is 70%
  • Please click on the CPD certificate link to claim your certificate and to update your CPD Manager

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