Crisis Corporate Communication

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This course is based on the article “’State of Crisis Communication: Evidence and the Bleeding Edge” by W. Timothy Coombs published in the Summer 2014 edition of the Research Journal of the Institute for Public Relations, vol. 1, no. 1. The article summarises evidence that has emerged from crisis communication research, and provides guidance for crisis communicators by pointing out what researchers have found to be the most effective crisis communication practices. It also identifies issues at the forefront of crisis communication research, such as the use of social media, and the tentative findings that are emerging from it.


Reading material:

Educational Objectives

Educational Aim:
The educational aim of this module is to enable managers to understand the dynamics of corporate communications in times of operational and/or reputational crises, and to apply the most effective communication strategy during different forms of crisis. The article is relevant for company managers and crisis communicators who bear responsibility for the design, implementation and/or management of corporate communications strategies, especially during times of crises.

Educational Outcomes:
Upon completion of this module learners should:

Have a clear understanding of:

  1. The strongest evidence that has emerged from research on the most successful crisis communications practices.
  2. The three basic frameworks for crisis managers, i.e. timing, victim focus and misinformation.
  3. The potential implications of social media platforms on organisational crises and corporate crisis communication.

Be able to:

  1. Define and discuss the term “organisational crisis” and the different forms such a crisis could take.
  2. Analyse the main findings of academic research into crisis communication.
  3. Consider the (de)merits of different crisis communications response strategies applicable to different forms of organisational crises.
  4. Evaluate the potential impact of social media on the study and application of crisis communication response strategies

Instruction for this Module

  • Read the supplied reading material and complete the quiz at the end
  • You need to pass the quiz and complete the course rating to generate the module certificate at the end
  • You have three attempts to pass the quiz
  • The pass grade is 70%
  • Please click on the CPD certificate link to claim your certificate and to update your CPD Manager

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