Identifying the front/back location – the effects of hearing impairment, age, self motion and hearing aids.

: 2 credits
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This article looks at the myriad of factors affecting the localization of a front/back location of a sound.

Keywords: Hearing loss, localization, front/back illusion, auditory/vestibular integration

Reading material:

Educational Objectives

Educational Aim:
The aim of this article is to understand the effect of self motion, as well the integration of the auditory and vestibular system in determining the location of a sound.

Editor's comments:
An article on an interesting phenomenon. It is important to add a component of aural rehabilitation to a client receiving a hearing aid, and to explain that while amplification will assist in improving hearing sensitivity, it will not restore speech discrimination or localization abilities. The introduction of compensatory strategies, as well as amplification, are essential.

Educational Outcomes:
Upon completion of this module practitioners should have a clear understanding of:

  1. An understanding of Auditory/Vestibular Integration.
  2. The Front/Back confusion in the hearing impaired population.
  3. Cues which assist in identifying Front/Back location.
  4. The participants used in this study.
  5. The methods used in this study.
  6. The results of this study.
  7. The limitations of this study.
  8. The areas needing further research.

Instruction for this Module

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  • You have three attempts to pass the quiz
  • The pass grade is 70%
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