Patients with multi-regional stab wounds may have a higher risk of intra-abdominal organ injuries than those with isolated abdominal stab wounds

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The objective of this paper was to conduct a study to research the risk of internal injury to the abdomen and abdominal organs when a patient presents with multiple concomitant stab wounds to areas other than the abdomen.

The objective of the second paper was to focus on the various aspects of FAST in the emergency department, in prehospital care, in the paediatric setting, in training and general situations.

Keywords: Abdominal trauma, Penetrating abdominal organ injury, Stab wound, Ultrasound, FAST, trauma

Educational Objectives

Educational Aim:

The aim of this module is to provide an overview of whether there is a higher risk of organ injury in the abdominal area when multiple stab wounds are present in areas other than the abdomen.

In addition, the second article provides an overview of what FAST is and how it can assist in diagnosing various trauma cases where there is a possibility of free fluids in specific cavities within the body.

Educational Outcomes:
Upon completion of this module practitioners should have a clear understanding of:

  1. Whether there is or isn’t a higher risk found in with concomitant stab wounds.
  2. The presentation  and management of the patient.
  3. The settings in which FAST will be most useful.

Instruction for this Module

  • Read the supplied reading material and complete the quiz at the end
  • You need to pass the quiz and complete the course rating to generate the module certificate at the end
  • You have three attempts to pass the quiz
  • The pass grade is 70%
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