May 2020 New Express Online Courses - Accessed Through Annual Membership

May 2020 New Express Online Courses - Accessed Through Annual Membership

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Mental healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

This paper addresses some of the organisational, team, and individual considerations for supporting medical staff and affiliated health workers during this pandemic.

A study of the gaps existing in research and clinical care with a specific focus on COVID-19 and traumatic stress

This article looks at the importance of equipping nonmental health services to support patients with symptoms of trauma, as well as ensuring that COVID-19 specific research is conducted.

Clinical characteristics of 2019 Novel Corona Virus

In December 2019 novel Coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP) occurred in Wuhan, China. The number of cases has increased rapidly but information on the clinical characteristics of affected patients is limited. This study describes the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of NCIP.

Primary Care Management of the Corona Virus (Covid-19)

As primary care providers, we need to contain the spread of the virus and slow the growth of the epidemic in order to allow the health system to cope.


Immediate implant placement

The timing of implant placement has become an important issue in implant dentistry. Immediate implants following extractions have therefore become an increasingly popular and predictable strategy to preserve bone and soft tissues to improve aesthetics whilst reducing treatment duration.


The clinical significance of ultrasonography (US) artifacts

Artifacts encountered at the clinical US are discussed and how it contributes to proper image interpretation of US images.


Implicit bias in healthcare

The presence of implicit biases among healthcare professionals and the effect on the quality of clinical care is a cause for concern. This review examines the evidence that healthcare professionals display implicit biases toward patients.


Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hearing Loss

Two articles that look at Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hearing Loss- Audiological findings, High-Frequency Audiometry, and the dangers of ototoxic medications.


The effect that shockwave therapy has on patients with lateral epicondylitis

The study investigates the efficacy of shockwave therapy on patients with lateral epicondylitis in comparison with more traditional treatments of local and systemic drugs.


Hyperkalaemia & reduced kidney function

To achieve a reduction of dietary potassium intake without a decrease in alkali or fibre intake, a pragmatic approach to dietary intervention is recommended.


Using smart-phone apps for self-monitoring of suicidal patients

This article describes a study that will evaluate mobile applications in order to enhance suicide prevention methods.

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