Use of my therapy for adult inpatient rehabilitation: A randomised control trial

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: 01/08/2026
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My Therapy is a self- management program that encourages independent practice of occupational therapy and physiotherapy exercises and activities outside of supervised sessions. This study evaluates the Functional Independence Measure at discharge as well as other secondary outcomes with the use of My Therapy.

Keywords: Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Intensity, Self-management, Implementation, Economic, Independence, Exercise

Reading material:

Educational Objectives

Educational Aim:
This trial aims to determine the effectiveness of My Therapy on clinical outcomes of function and health-related QOL compared to usual care as well as the cost of implementation.

Educational Outcomes:
Upon completion of this module practitioners should have a clear understanding of:

  1. Benefit of the use of My Therapy in the clinical inpatient setting
  2. Behaviour changes for both the patient and therapist in using My Therapy
  3. Cost analysis 

Instructions for this Module

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