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October 2020 New Express Online Courses - Accessed Through Annual Membership

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Radiography therapy
Contributing editor: Dr. S. Brussow 
Renal Cancer Guidelines and Imaging Implications 

Learn and understand the AUA guidelines for performing RMB (renal mass biopsy), when RN (radical nephrectomy) is preferred, for performing TA (thermal ablation); and for performing PN (partial nephrectomy).

3 CPD points

Environmental Health - Pollution Control
Contributing editor: Dr. Johan Schoeman 
Determining the Effect of Air Quality on Operators at Toll Plazas in Malaysia

Learn the effect of vehicle emissions on ambient air quality and the possible effect on human health.

3 CPD points

Dietetics - Allergy
Contributing editor: Mrs. J. Bentley 
Quercetin and allergic disease

Learn about the vitro immune effects of quercetin on cell lines, effective doses for animal models of atopy, and understand the potential for human health.

3 CPD points

General Emergency Care
Contributing editor: Ms A. Pretorius 
Looking what influences the choice of dosage and administration of prehospital naloxone

Learn the predictors of dosages and multiple doses during treatment, the characteristics of Naloxone administration, and whether state of consciousness influences the choice of administration and dosage.

3 CPD points

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
Contributing editor: Ms A. Pretorius 
Perspectives on the presence of family during emergency room resuscitation

Learn the meaning of perspectives on the presence of family during emergency room resuscitation (FPDR), the factors involved in allowing FPDR, and whether all Healthcare providers support FPDR.

3 CPD points

Contributing editor: Mrs. M. Rossouw 
Weaning outcomes from prolonged mechanical ventilation and Physiotherapy

Learn the predictive factors of weaning success, factors that leads to poorer weaning outcomes, and the role of Physiotherapy in weaning success.

3 CPD points

Contributing editor: Mrs. M. Rossouw 
Pain Neuroscience and influence on post-cancer, paediatric and sports-related pain problems

Learn the application of modern pain neurosciences within certain pain populations.

3 CPD points

Contributing editor: Mrs. S. Salijee 
Hidden hearing loss

Learn the overview of Hidden Hearing loss, while providing practical guidelines for test to be including in an Audiometric Test Battery.

3 CPD points

Dentistry - Maxillo-facial and Oral Surgery
Contributing editor: Dr. J. Hartshorne 
Medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ)

Learn the definition and pathogenesis of medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ), therapies associated with increased risk of MRONJ, dental risk factors and consequences associated with MRONJ, clinical management guidelines for MRONJ, the critical role of dental-medical management in preventing and reducing risks, and the effects osteoclast modulating drugs on bone homeostasis.

3 CPD points

Psychology - Counselling and Psychotherapy
Contributing editor: Mrs. B. Marsh 
Inflammation, Stress, and Depression

Learn the interaction of biological and psychological process influence depressive outcomes.

3 CPD points

Publications - South African Journal of Radiology
Contributing editor: Dr Maya Patel 
SA Journal of Radiology Vol 24 (2020) Activity 2

Revise your knowledge on radiation safety, cardiopulmonary arrest and anaphylactic reactions in the radiology department, and familiarise yourself with gallbladder pathology.

2 CPD points

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