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Dr. J. Hartshorne
Direct pulp capping – evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

The primary aim of direct pulp capping (DPC) treatment is the healing of the pulp as well as the maintenance of the tooth vitality. To achieve a successful DPC treatment outcome, the clinician needs to have a thorough understanding of pulp healing potential, biomaterials used for DPC procedures and the subsequent healing process.

3 CPD points

Emergency Care
Ms A. Pretorius
Pulmonary Thromboembolism in Pregnancy

The aim of this article was to review a case study focusing on the identification and treatment of an emergency involving a pregnant patient with Pulmonary Thromboembolism. It discusses the need to understand these cases in order to timeously diagnosis and manage PTE in pregnancy.

3 CPD points

Environmental Health
Dr. Johan Schoeman
Association between household air pollution and pneumonia among children under five years of age, hospitalized in Kabul, Afghanistan

This paper seeks to determine the influence of Household Air Pollution (HAP) factors on under 5 children’s Pneumonia in Afghanistan.

3 CPD points

Environmental Health
Mrs. S. Salijee
Behavioural Ethics

The aim of this article is to highlight the factors and biases (both conscious and unconscious) and how they can affect ethical decision-making.

3 CPD points

Clinical Technology
Ms. S. Cohen
A Systematic Review and Analysis of Diphtheria

Diphtheria, previously a major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality, is re-emerging and posing a risk to global populations and thus this comprehensive review provides guidance for diphtheria-specific preparedness and response.

3 CPD points

Nicolene Naidu
A Retrospective Analysis of the influence of prior imaging information on diagnostic accuracy for focal skeletal processes between Biopsy-Verified Imaging Diagnoses

This article provides data on the influence and sequence of prior imaging and reports on diagnostic accuracy using biopsy as the reference standard.

3 CPD points

Mrs. M. Rossouw
Use of my therapy for adult inpatient rehabilitation: A randomised control trial

This trial aims to determine the effectiveness of My Therapy on clinical outcomes of function and health-related QOL compared to usual care as well as the cost of implementation.

3 CPD points

Yvonne Oosthuysen
The role of MRI in lymphedema

MRI has played an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and evaluation of lymphoedema, as it provides high spatial resolution of the distribution and severity of soft tissue edema, characterises diseased lymphatic channels, and assesses secondary effects such as fat hypertrophy.

3 CPD points

Family Physicians - SAAFP
SA Family Practice Vol 65 (3) 2023

3 CPD points

Industrial Psychology – SIOPSA
Current coaching strategies from a worldview perspective

Gain an understanding of the coaching strategies from a worldview perspective.

3 CPD points

Speech Therapy
Mrs. S. Salijee
Electropalatography - recent advances and consideration for future designs copy 1

This article looks at Electropalatograpy, recent advances in the field and its importance in speech therapy. It further highlights considerations for future designs.

3 CPD points

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