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Radiography nuclear medicine
Saretha Brüssow
Brain Imaging Quality Assurance

The aim of this article is to update the knowledge of practitioners on image quality when acquiring nuclear medicine brain images.

3 CPD points

Maryke Venter
Physiotherapy management for persons with persistent musculoskeletal pain

This review aims to study patients with persistent musculoskeletal pain expectations and experiences of the physiotherapy treatment process.

3 CPD points

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Bronwen Marsh
Can we teach ourselves to better manage stress online?

The aim of this article was to show that the advantages of this type of Internet-based intervention relative to other programs lie in it being in a quite short and accessible format, which allows it to reach a larger number of students.

3 CPD points

Pollution Control
Johan Schoeman
Worldwide perspective on air pollution by comparing loss of life expectancy with other risk factors

The study used a model to calculate worldwide exposure to PM2.5 and ozone pollution in combination with the Global Exposure Mortality Model (GEMM) to estimate disease-specific excess mortality and loss of life expectancy (LLE) in 2015.

3 CPD points

Ethics and the Law
De Wet Schutte
Title Ethics in occupational health within the African context

The aim of this article is to critically look at the role and function of ethics in an African context compared to the same in a typical developed Western environment.

3 CPD points

Speech Therapy
Sameerah Salijee
Chronic cough and Speech Therapy

The aim of this article to look at the role of Speech Therapist in treating an unexplained chronic cough, as well as other underlying laryngeal conditions.

3 CPD points

Johan Hartshorne
Implant dentistry – Clinical anatomy and cone beam computed tomography

The aim of this article is to review critically important basic structures routinely encountered in implant therapy and how to visualize these anatomical landmarks with the aim of reducing unsolicited complications and to increase patient satisfaction.

3 CPD points

Crystal-Anne Barkhuizen
Various Therapeutic Applications of Chloroquine

The aim of this article was to summarize the therapeutic applications of chloroquine on various diseases and to discuss these mechanisms of actions.

3 CPD points

Dr. Ayomide Olaleye
COVID-19 Infection in Pregnancy and Neonatal outcomes

The aim of this research is to know the effect of COVID-19 in pregnant women and how it affects the baby after birth.

3 CPD points

General Medicine
Dr Makinga
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Medical and Surgical Management

The article reviews the first line treatment, the second line treatment, the new drugs and the surgical procedures for rheumatoid arthritis.

3 CPD points

General Medicine
Dr. Chike Francis Okafor
Role of Physical Activity on Type 2 Diabetes

This review introduces the background of Diabetes mellitus, physical activity and its role in the management of type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and the physiological effects of physical activity in T2DM.

3 CPD points

General Emergency Care
Annemarie Pretorius
The use of ABCDE as a cognitive aid tool during patient assessment

This research article reviewed the multicenter pilot study of the development and validation of an ABCDE Cognitive Aid tool that could be used during patient assessment.

3 CPD points

Annemarie Pretorius
Transcatheter arterial embolisation in blunt torso paediatric trauma patients

Is transcatheter arterial embolisation as safe and efficient in paediatric trauma cases as it is in adult cases? This study evaluates the efficacy and safety of this procedure in blunt torso trauma cases, specifically in paediatrics.

3 CPD points

Intensive Care
Natalie Cronje
Oral intake during and after ICU

Growing data indicates insufficient and/or inadequate oral intake in ICU patients, this review focuses on the barriers to food intake and looks at what should be addressed to optimize oral intake.

3 CPD points

Sarah Cohen
The Impact of COVID-19 on Malaria Prevention in Africa

The aim of this article is to show that the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to reduce its spread could impact malaria prevention activities.

3 CPD points

South African Journal of Radiology
Dr Maya Patel
SA Journal of Radiology Vol 24 (2020) Activity 3

This module familiarises the reader with a review of hypoxic ischaemic brain injury. It also revises their knowledge on hepatic mesenchymal hamartomas and canal of Nuck hernias.

3 CPD points

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