About CPD Manager

The CPD Manager is your personal CPD management tool, making the management of your CPD certificates much more efficient when you have to submit to your council.

What makes our CPD Manager unique?

  1. Certificates of the courses completed on eCPD® are automatically recorded for management and reporting.
  2. Your points are divided into two columns showing the Clinical and Ethical CEU’s you have obtained for the specific period.
  3. You can access all your CPD certificates uploaded onto our CPD Manager, going back to January 2015.
  4. Manually, you can upload CPD certificates obtained elsewhere to your report, which makes it a complete CPD management tool.
  5. Download individual certificates.
  6. Download a complete report document for your council, in the format required by the council.

Please login to view your personal CPD Manager report.

Last modified: Thursday, 6 July 2023, 1:14 PM