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Artificial Intelligence and Liability in Medicine: Balancing Safety and Innovation

This article examines the larger ecosystem of AI/ML liability and its role in ensuring both safe implementation and innovation in clinical care.

Keywords: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, liability, malpractice

Behavioural Ethics

This article looks are behavioural ethics, and what can affect an individual in terms of making an ethical decision.

Keywords: Ethics, Behavioural Ethics, Ethical practice

Ethical Implications of Routine Measurement for Healthcare Improvement

This paper looks at the ethics of building routine measurement for improvement into healthcare systems.

Keywords: Ethics, healthcare improvement, measurement, continuous improvement, patient experience

Ethics and healthcare

This review looks at the importance of ethics in the healthcare profession

Keywords: Ethics education; Ethics; Values

Ethical considerations for the use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

This video discusses the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, emphasizing the issue of biases and the importance of transparency and ethical accountability in AI.

Keywords: ethics, artificial intelligence (AI), bias, algorithms, healthcare

Trends, technologies, challenges and ethical issues in the implementation of emotive sensory web

This paper discusses the significant trends, capacities, technologies, perceived challenges, and ethical issues of the Emotive Sensory Web in virtual healthcare

Keywords: Emotive and sensory web, Emerging technologies, Virtual Health Care, Covid 19

Oral health in pregnancy – the knowledge, attitudes and practices of prenatal healthcare workers

An article discussing the knowledge that prenatal care practitioners have about the oral health of a pregnant woman

Keywords: Oral health, pregnancy, prenatal care

Addressing explicit and implicit biases in health care

This study offer a conceptual model demonstrating that provider level implicit bias interventions should be accompanied by interventions that systematically change structures inside and outside the health care system if the country is to succeed in influencing and reducing health inequities. Keywor…

Emergency department nurses: a study of attitude and knowledge in relation to pain management and control

This study had a look at Iranian nurses and their attitudes and knowledge with regards to pain management and pain control. As nursing staff have a very important role in care in the Emergency Department, this study determined whether additional training should be offered to nursing staff. Keywords…

Bioethics and Bias

This article looks at biases that may be present in healthcare professionals. It explores the issues of bioethics and bias.

Keywords: Ethics, Bioethics, Bias