Changes to HPCSA CPD compliance

Changes to HPCSA CPD compliance

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The HPCSA has implemented a new system from the 1st of March 2022 that allows them to continuously monitor Healthcare Professional’s compliance in obtaining the required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points. 

This new system from the HPCSA requires CPD Service Providers to send the HPCSA a monthly CPD Completion report. There is no additional cost to you for this service.

What does this mean for eCPD® Healthcare Members?

A CPD course completion report, for all the courses you completed for the previous month on our eCPD® Healthcare Website (, will be sent to the HPCSA at the beginning of each month. A notification would have been sent to you from the HPCSA, but we wanted to assure you that eCPD® Healthcare is compliant with the latest HPCSA requirements. 

Should you keep your CPD Manager updated?

All certificates obtained via our eCPD® Healthcare Website will still be saved in your CPD Manager. You are also still able to manually upload certificates obtained elsewhere (although these are not included in our monthly report to the HPCSA as the service provider where the certificate was obtained will submit to the HPCSA) enabling you to have a complete CPD record. It is important to maintain these records should the HPCSA experience any technical difficulties during this process of implementation and request a report from you at a future date.

Is your eCPD® Healthcare profile details up to date?

Please ensure that your HPCSA details (professional body, profession prefix and your registration number) are correct on your eCPD® Healthcare Website Profile, as we send the information that is on the system and if not correct it can lead to incorrect information being captured by the HPCSA. We recommend that you log onto your profile on to ensure your details are all correct. While you are there, please also check your other personal details are still up to date. 

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