Your CPD compliance matters to us

Your CPD compliance matters to us

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In these unprecedented times, your patience and understanding have not gone unnoticed. We're grateful for your continued support.

We'd like to address the recent communication from the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) concerning practitioners' compliance status, which may affect some. Rest assured, we are submitting all activities completed on the eCPD® platform to the HPCSA and we're here to guide you through these important points:

  1. Our commitment: Our dedicated team are submitting all CPD points to the HPCSA weekly. We've maintained active communication with them to ensure your submissions are acknowledged and your points reflect on your HPCSA profile.
  2. New regulation: Remember, the rule requiring CPD service providers to upload points came into effect in February 2022. As such, practitioners must independently verify their CPD points' accuracy and completion, including uploading any points earned before 1 February 2022 onto the HPCSA portal.
  3. Direct contact: Please note, our team doesn't operate on behalf of the HPCSA, and we do not have access to your HPCSA profile. For detailed feedback about your compliance status, we advise contacting the HPCSA directly.

Recently, we've observed some concerning trends:

  • Previously recorded points have inexplicably been deleted.
  • The compliance assessment overlooked CPD points earned in 2021.
  • Compliant practitioners have been inaccurately marked as non-compliant.

These discrepancies fall within the HPCSA's responsibilities to rectify.

Need help with your HPCSA CPD update request?

Navigating the HPCSA portal can be challenging. To assist you, we've loaded a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to send a request for a CPD update directly to the HPCSA. Access this helpful manual here. This will help ensure your CPD points are accurately recorded, and your professional standing remains intact.

We understand the critical importance of CPD compliance and its impact on your professional reputation. Despite being swamped with inquiries, we're working tirelessly to address each question related to this issue.

We're here for you!

Your cooperation and attention throughout this process are greatly appreciated. Our dedication to providing you with the best service remains strong.

Thank you once again for your unwavering trust and collaboration. Together, we can navigate these challenges.